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Wild wildlife


Off Track Africa is born of the realisation that travel to South Africa has over time become really commercial and generic.

How then can you experience a truly remote, African Adventure? 


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We offer visitors to South Africa an opportunity to experience the wonder of our country in a way not available from travel agents or regular tour operators.


Our local knowledge allows us to work with you to design a bespoke itinerary that meets your individual requirements and includes your favoured balance of wild off track experiences and popular tourists attractions. 

Each trip with us is unique and not
shared by other tourists

All travel is done in our 4x4 vehicles driven by guides with experience in traversing the rough terrain between you and your next adventure. In many cases we will carry all the provisions needed at the final destination.

Walk in remote veldt to find Bushman paintings or try and get close to a feeding Warthog or Impala to get that great picture, sneak up on a mighty Giraffe or if you are brave, stalk a herd of Buffalo.

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Fully customise your
Off Track Africa experience
Visit remote locations only
Off Track Africa is 
allowed to access
A truly unique experience designed by you for you alone
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