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Unrivalled photographic opportunities
Visit remote locations only
Off Track Africa is 
allowed to access
Get so close to wild life you experience it with all your senses

Unrivalled Photos

How close can you get? 


Take a 4x4 drive through our amazing Eastern Cape Scenery to a private game reserve where you can choose to walk or drive to enjoy the stunning views and spot our local birdlife, try your hand at game stalking or seek out breath taking Bushman paintings.


Experience the awe of walking up to a towering  Giraffe or see the dazzling display of a herd of Zebra browsing naturally as you sit nearby.

Patiently stalk  a feeding Warthog, a herd of ever skittish Impala or vigilant Blue Wildebeest, hear them chewing their cud or snorting in alarm as they detect you. If you are brave, you may choose to sneak up on a herd of Buffalo.

Our extraordinary local knowledge
and exclusive access to remote areas bring you a 
like no other.

"I couldn't believe how close I could walk to this giraffe. I was so close I could hear it chew and see every hair on its body.

A truly exhilarating  experience that I will never forget"

Unrivalled photo opportunities

Each trip with us is unique and not shared
by other tourists   
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